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Did you know that 72% of US adults use at least 1 social media site? That's almost 3 out of 4, and the number is constantly rising. A strong social media presense should be an essential part of every organization's marketing plan and branding strategy.

A screen shot of a Pew Research study that shows 72% of US adults being active on at least 1 social media site
Promotional Facebook posts created by small businesses to show how social media can help generate new business

New Business

The best place to get new business is from an existing customer. Using social media is the best way to stay in front of your existing customers, show examples of the products and services you provide, inform the public about events you're hosting and publicise the sales, specials and promotions you're offering.

Animation that shows a Facebook user asking for a recommendation for various types of different small businesses

New Customers

The best place to get a new customer is a referral from an existing customer. Social media is the place that your existing customer's friends, family and aquanitenaces are most likely to ask them for a recommendation for an organization that does exactly what yours does. New clients are more likely to work with recommendations whose pages and profiles have a lot of quality content showcasing their products, services and specials.

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The Challenge

Most organizations will agree: "More new business and new customers, increased brand value and presence, and reputation management are all really important to us, but..."

  • "it's a lot of work. You don't understand how involved of a process it is..."

  • "it's time consuming. It takes so much more of my time than you would think..."

  • "it's a commitment. I try to do it every day but there are so many other, more important things that need my attention..."
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Simple Social is an automated social media posting solution, that simplifies the necessary, but painful process of posting to all of your social media pages daily.

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Automate Your Process

Your field employees are your best source of content but it's a time consuming and frustrating process to get them to take pictures and video of what your organization is doing and then to get that content from them to all of your social media profiles. Simple Social automates the flow of content from your field employees to all of your social media profiles for up to 9 platforms and offers reporting to track content generation.

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Eliminate Wasted Time

Posting content to social media is a very time consuming process. Most organizations try to maintain a presence on multiple social platforms, multiplying the required time. Simple Social automates posting to up to 9 social platforms, saving the average owner/manager an hour or more per post and eliminating up to 99% of time spent creating and posting content. What would you do with an extra 7-10 hours a week?

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Prioritize Your Efforts

You should post to each social profile at least 3x a week, preferably more, but it's hard to commit the time to do so becasue you have to put your efforts where they are needed, at a moments notice. Simple Social automates scheduling of up to 5 posts, per social media platform, every day so you can get multiple daily posts by committing time at your convenience, once a month or less. Less than an hour, once a month, for up to 5 posts, per social platform, every day!

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